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When charged with a criminal offense, it is natural to feel apprehension. The process is unnecessarily confusing, and when your liberty, time, and money is at stake, it is no small matter. You need Bradenton criminal defense attorneys who will be attentive, honest, and realistic in approach, regardless of how big the case is, or what the potential sanctions might be.

When you come to the Fowler Law Group, you are not “just another file.” Simply put, you become part of the Fowler Law Group family.

We prize attorney-client engagement.  Our Manatee County and Bradenton criminal defense attorneys treat clients like we treat our very own family members, which means mutual respect of the attorney-client relationship, a deep understanding of how important reputation is, and a dedication to protecting our client’s constitutional rights.

We believe that the best defense is as strong an offense as can be presented, and we work with our clients to develop a strategy that will place them in the best position possible when it is time to resolve a case.


Defendants Should Secure Legal Help as Soon as Possible

Securing proper legal assistance should be your first — and main — priority, whether you’re being investigated, have been arrested, or have been charged with a criminal offense.  Your attorney will guide you through every stage of prosecution, from the investigation to the courtroom trial (if necessary), advocating on your behalf throughout.

In practical terms, strategically executing a defense is simply not something that non-attorneys can do.  For example, a skilled Bradenton criminal defense attorney is able to identify critical weaknesses in the prosecution’s arguments early on, thus giving them opportunities to push for a favorable outcome.  If the prosecution is bringing a case against you in which it’s clear that some element of their argument is poorly-supported by the evidence, then your attorney may be able to push for a dismissal or a reduction in the charges.

Here at Fowler Law Group, our Manatee County criminal defense lawyers are relentless advocates who are constantly looking for ways to secure a favorable outcome for our defendant-clients.  We encourage you to contact us as soon as possible to learn more about how we can help you navigate the challenges of criminal prosecution.


Don’t Assume That You Will Face a Conviction

As a criminal defendant, it may seem like you are in a vulnerable position.  After all, the entire criminal litigation process is in many ways dehumanizing, particularly at the arrest phase — for example, you may have been verbally (and perhaps even physically) intimidating by law enforcement officers in an attempt to get you to disclose incriminating information.  This can make defendants feel powerless.

That is simply not the case.

In Florida, there are a number of defenses that you may be able to utilize, including but not limited to the following:

  • Self-Defense
  • Lack of Intent
  • Mistake
  • Consent
  • Mental Incapacity
  • Duress
  • Intoxication
  • And More

For example, suppose that you have been charged with the theft of your next door neighbor’s unlocked bike.  As it turns out, however, you and the neighbor have the same bike model, and you accidentally took their bike thinking that it was yours.  Under these circumstances, you do not have the “criminal intent” necessary to be found guilty.

Now, any defense argument you make is further strengthened by the fact that criminal litigation must adhere to the “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard, which requires that the prosecution prove all the elements of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt (i.e., more than 99 percent likelihood of truth).  If you raise even a slight doubt as to any of the prosecution’s claims, then you can avoid criminal liability entirely.


Our Bradenton Criminal Defense Attorneys Handle a Wide Variety of Crimes

Licensed to practice in before the State courts of Florida, our team is prepared to help defend you in all types of criminal matters, including but not limited to:

Driving Under The Influence (DUI)

DUI penalties can have severe and long lasting effects on your privilege to drive as well as impact your ability for certain occupations. DUI is a complicated area in the law in that there are usually two actions pending against you at the same time; an administrative action by the DMV and a criminal case brought by the State of Florida. We do everything we can to place you in the best position possible.


Drunk Driving (DUI)

When an individual is facing DUI charges in Florida, time is of the essence.  At Fowler Law Group, our legal team acts quickly to review your case and identify the best courses of action available.  DUI charges can have serious and long-lasting repercussions and we take all actions possible to protect our clients’ legal rights and driving privileges.


Traffic Crimes

Most police/citizen contact occurs on the road, and most interactions happen as a result of traffic stops. Merely because you were given a citation in lieu of being arrested does not mean that the Courts will treat your offense as minor.


Drug Crimes

The Bradenton and Manatee County criminal defense attorneys at Fowler Law Group represent clients who are facing all types of drug charges, ranging from simple misdemeanor possession of marijuana or drug paraphernalia to felony sale of a controlled substance or drug trafficking. As former prosecutors, we know that Florida takes a strong stance against drug-related crime.  Drug charges have the potential to carry serious consequences, including mandatory minimum jail sentences and license suspensions. In addition to the judicial penalties, drug related offenses can hinder your ability to pursue higher education, secure employment, or work in certain professions. When charged with a drug-related offense, there is a lot at stake.


Battery (Domestic)

Whether you are charged with simple, domestic, or felony battery, it is important to have an attorney who understands and can guide you through the process. A conviction for battery can result in jail time, anger management courses, as well as other harsh sanctions. Regardless of the type of battery you are charged with you need an attorney who will advocate for your rights.


Theft Crimes

While seemingly minor, theft offenses should be handled very carefully, as they are a “crime of dishonesty” that can have long lasting impacts. Generally speaking, a theft occurs when someone is intentionally deprived of their property, even if it is only temporary.


Violations of Probation

Violations of Probation often carry serious consequences, with incarceration being the preferred outcome of the State. The length of the incarceration varies depending on what underlying crime you were placed on probation for. A judge could potentially sentence you for the maximum term of incarceration that the charge allows.


Juvenile Crimes

When juveniles enter the justice system it can be a frightening and harrowing experience for both the juvenile and his or her parents. We work collaboratively with parents, the Department of Juvenile Justice, and the juvenile themselves to help prevent bad decisions from impacting their lives.


Sex Crimes

Sex crimes are treated very seriously in the State of Florida. The Defense to such crimes should be taken just as seriously, as your life as you know it could hang in the balance. A conviction for a sex crime could result in being designated as a sex offender, and having to join the sex offender registry. Convictions such as these are often fatal to careers and opportunities available in higher education.


Sealing & Expunging of Records

Individuals who have found themselves afoul of the law realize the ramifications of having a criminal record. Finding housing, obtaining employment and passing background checks all become a challenge. The State of Florida allows for a one time sealing or expunging of certain criminal offenses from an individual’s criminal record.


Our Bradenton Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Help

The Bradenton criminal defense attorneys of Fowler Law Group proudly serve Bradenton, Manatee County, and its surrounding communities. Dedicated to the principles of respect, reputation and protection of your rights, you can rest assured that we will leave no stone unturned in our evaluation of your case. Our team has the experience, compassion, and skills to actively defend your rights.

James A. Fowler Jr., the Founder of Fowler Law Group, has worked as an Assistant State Attorney in both Sarasota and Manatee counties. With over 13 years combined experience our lawyers have the unique ability to analyze cases as prosecutors in an effort to anticipate the State’s arguments in court. Their time as prosecutors helped give them the experience to handle a wide range of cases.

If you are being investigated by law enforcement or have been arrested for a criminal offense, it is not in your best interest to attempt to defend yourself. Complicated rules of procedure and evidence are in place, and the cards are stacked against you if you cannot understand these complex legal issues.

Call the Bradenton criminal defense attorneys at Fowler Law Group for a free consultation. We will happily help you understand the process, regardless of if you choose to move forward with us or not.

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