21 Jan: Juvenile Theft Crimes: Drawing The Line Between Petit And Grand Larceny

Shoplifting: a term often associated with young teenagers and their penchant for swiping a candy bar or, at worse, a video game from the local department store. While true, some shoplifting misdeeds fall within the category of petit (or “petty”) theft, others can quickly amount to a felony grand larceny charge – even if the item seems small or insignificant.

31 Dec: Overcoming A Domestic Battery Charge

When a heated conflict between two family members suddenly turns physical, one or both participants may soon face domestic violence charges. Under Florida law, a criminal assault or battery becomes a domestic violence issue when certain facts are present in the situation – namely, the victims and participants maintain a familial or ex-familial relationship. The term domestic violence can encompass a wide range of activities beyond assault or battery.

02 Oct: What is the Florida Youthful Offender Act and Can it Benefit You?

The Florida Youthful Offender Act (the “Act”) was enacted by the Florida Legislature in 1978 to provide young adults who would normally be prosecuted in adult criminal court, with a more flexible and less harsh sentencing program. Florida Statute Section 958.021 explains that a primary purpose behind the Act is to increase the likelihood of rehabilitating and successfully returning young adult offenders (“youthful offenders”) to society by preventing their interaction with older and more experienced criminals in the prison system. Under the Act, youthful offenders are given increased vocational, educational, counseling and public service opportunities and they must participate in substance abuse and other forms of counseling. Members of the community are also encouraged to volunteer their time and skills to help youthful offenders reintegrate into their communities.