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Our Manatee County Drunk Driving Law Firm Can Use Mistakes During Your DUI Investigation to Protect You

Most DUI investigations follow a similar path. The police pull you over, ask you some questions, and then ask you to get out of your car. The police then ask you (or give you the “opportunity”) to perform the field sobriety tests, and they test your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) using a breathalyzer. Then, they arrest you, and you suddenly find yourself in need of a Bradenton drunk driving law firm.

Alternatively, the police might ask you to provide a blood or urine sample. This usually happens if you refuse the breathalyzer. In any case, the police work quickly to gather as much evidence against you as possible, and, once the investigation is over, you may feel as though you have no hope of avoiding a DUI conviction.

But, there are several ways to challenge the state’s evidence collected during a DUI investigation. In fact, in some circumstances, it will be possible to have all of the state’s evidence withheld from a DUI case. If prosecutors don’t have evidence they can present in court, they cannot prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Challenging the Evidence Obtained During a DUI Investigation

There are ways to challenge each type of evidence the police can collect during a DUI investigation. When you choose our Manatee County drunk driving law firm to represent you, our lawyers will examine all possible grounds for excluding the state’s evidence from your trial. This will include examining:

  • Your Traffic Stop – The police need “reasonable suspicion” to make a traffic stop in Florida. If the police profiled you or stopped you for any other unlawful reason and do not have a valid rea, then all of the evidence obtained during your DUI investigation may be inadmissible in court.
  • Field Sobriety Tests – Several issues can render field sobriety test results invalid and unreliable. This includes everything from the arresting officer’s failure to provide appropriate instructions to the officer’s misinterpretation of supposed indicators of impairment.
  • Breathalyzer – From calibration issues to medical conditions that inflate your BAC reading, several factors can render breathalyzer results invalid and unreliable as well. As a result, if you blew above the legal limit, you should not assume that you will be found guilty of DUI.
  • Blood or Urine Sample – Improper testing procedures, mixing up samples, contamination, and other issues can call blood and urine test results into question. Our lawyers can obtain all relevant documentation from the police department to determine whether you have any of these defenses available.
  • Your Statements to the Police – If the police interrogated you while in custody without reading the Miranda warning, prosecutors may not be able to use your statements against you. However, it will be up to you (or your Bradenton County Drunk Driving Attorney) to convince the judge that your statements should be kept out of your trial.

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