30 Sep: Avoiding A Probation Violation

Though probation can be quite difficult — particularly in situations where the probate court imposed excessive, unreasonable, and otherwise unjustified probationary conditions that limit your freedoms — it’s certainly better than a term of imprisonment. In Florida, probation is a privilege granted by the court as an alternative to imprisonment, and is intended to smooth out the process of re-integrating the offender into society (and rehabilitating them) while simultaneously protecting the public from harm.

08 Sep: How A Possession of Drug Paraphernalia Charge Works

When many people think of drug violations, they generally think of the more obvious criminal charges — possession of illegal substances, drug trafficking, drug use, and others.  Many fail to properly consider (or simply forget about) the possession of drug paraphernalia.

08 Sep: Forbes: Fowler Law Group Featured On Forbes

The Fowler Law Group has been featured on about how we ensure the best possible outcome to our clients’ cases by creating systems within our organization. In the article, attorney James Fowler shares what he does that allows him to focus on being the best lawyer he can be for his clients.

13 Aug: Equal Rights to Medical Care: State Takes Aim at Juvenile Facilities Failing Residents on Basic Levels

He was just fourteen years old – housed at a juvenile detention facility for injuring another child with a soda can during an altercation. He was due to be released in just a few short weeks – and looked forward to meeting the new puppy his grandmother had waiting for him. Tragically, however, the child never made it home and was found dead in his cell following three consecutive days complaining of agonizing, debilitating pain.

11 Apr: A Clean Slate — Expunging and Sealing Your Criminal Record in Florida

In Florida, and throughout the country, those who have a criminal record — whether they have simply been arrested or charged and convicted — may have to deal with a number of unexpected difficulties.  Oftentimes, criminal offenders struggle with the process of reintegrating into society.  The details of their criminal case(s) are accessible to the public, after all, and they may be required to disclose aspects of their criminal record to employers.

22 Mar: Criminal Trespass: Understanding the Basics

In Florida, it is a crime to trespass upon another’s property.  Trespass may seem like a minor violation, but depending on the circumstances and the nature of the violation, the criminal trespass violation may be upgraded from a misdemeanor to a felony and expose you to substantial criminal penalties that include incarceration and fines.

05 Mar: The Marital Communications Privilege In Florida

If you have been charged with a crime, whether in Florida or elsewhere, it’s quite natural to feel a bit “overwhelmed” or “nervous” about the prospect of criminal litigation — after all, the consequences of criminal litigation can be life-altering.  Failure to effectively counter the prosecution’s arguments and have the charges dismissed can lead to a conviction and, subsequently, a sentence that involves a term of imprisonment, probation, or both.

10 Jan: Can You Refuse an Officer’s Request for a Blood Test?

In Florida, there is no absolute rule empowering drivers to always refuse a law enforcement officer’s request for a blood test.  There are certain circumstances under which you can refuse to submit to a law enforcement officer’s request for a blood test, and certain other circumstances under which you may be required by law to submit to such request.